Sunday, 25 March 2012

sad honey dew (rough).mov

Another Raw Animatic i did just this afternoon i want to see if its possible to create funny successful shorts based off youtubers who do playthroughs with humorous commentary over the gameplay its one of the best things about youtube that I love

Now the Yogscast guys i recently started watching all their minecraft playthroughs including the shadow of israphel so i thought it was fair to animate the infamous scene in season 1 where near the end of the video poor Honeydew gets a nasty surprise when he steps out the back door and xephos i imagined found it all rather amusing

video link:

I really want to finish this off at a higher standard then my Friendship is magic animatic I recently redid because i feel the yogscast guys deserve it.

You should subscribe to them if you're a Minecraft fan

until next post Laters

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Find an improved pet scene

Surprise and behold its the MLP animatic i decided to continue work on in my free time from uni work. The other animatic inspired by a Madness song needs a lot more time and work needed to make it work more fluidly.

With this animatic i tried to cerate the iconic style in human from with my personal touch of course with expressions and backdrop details