Saturday, 19 December 2015

Jowybean shenanigans 19/12/15

I used to be a big fan of street art and graffiti never created any of it myself but I tired. 

here I have two concept ideas for graffiti tags.

the first is inspired by a song title Acid police from Japanese noise rock band The Boredoms. 

This one was inspired by thinking about actual spaghetti.I call it Spaghetti Brain.

until next post laters ;) 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Jowybean shenanigans 16/12/15

I have finished  two of my fake  Disney/ 2d animation screenshots 
For my family as A special christmas present this year. 

Each scene I used actual locations from inside my house and experimented with a few filters and texture brushes to make the backdrops pop a little more. 

overall in the last two weeks each piece has taken 15 hours. 



My dad is a avid PC gamer 




My Mum loves her dresses.

Until next Post Laters :)