Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bear in a place ending in Woods Jowy shenanigans 12/9/15

This may be a very local event  and only relate to those in the UK, But I am excited to be announcing this will be my first art exhibition and wanted to share the Flyer I designed with you. This is partly the reason why theres not being as much art uploaded on the blog in the last few weeks  because most of my attention and passion has been on this project and getting prepared for it in October.

The exhibition is going to be celebrating my hometown of Bearwood in history and art. 
This will be also acting as a show case of my original work and for once a lot of it is traditional =D, and will be for sale. 

sneek peek at one of the pieces 

This is the blurb I wrote to sell the exhibition to my community facebook group.   

Have you ever wondered, how did the Windsor cinema (Sandwell Snooker Club) play its role in spying on the germans in WW2?. Or what did Bearwood primary offer as classes at night in the late 18th century?. All these questions and more will be answered at the Bearwood Art with History exhibition this october from the 3rd to the 10th at Ooops - Artisan Gallery & Gifts. Local artist Joshua Whitehouse nicknamed Jowybean and local Historian Mary Bogfish invite you to explore the fascinating history of Bearwood and celebrate its iconic locations through a series of original artworks, that will be for sale .
Open day is on the oct 3rd 2-4 pm.

I am looking forward to this venture and Will be sharing photos and art from the event once its done. 

If anybody in the UK is crazy enough to attend its on from the 3rd to the 10th of october  at Ooops Gallery. The location is on the flyer. 

until next post Laters