Friday, 22 August 2014

Jowy shenanigans 22/8/14

Some random sketches i did this morning before i head off for BUCK in Manchester for a long weekend of vendoring my MLP art. 

See you all next week :) Laters

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fan Commission 21/8/14

pony Commission I did for a DA artist of a human Vinyl Scratch which was a lot of fun to do. And it was finished in a record time of 5 hours. Something like this would have usually taken me longer like 8 to 9 hours. But I was quite surprised how fast I did this without lowering the overall quality of the piece. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Open Letter To a Land Lord Illustration idea 20/8/14

I was listening to some Living colour this morning and found myself repeating this song over and over again, it has a lot of powerful words about greed and neglect for the lower class.

I  felt inspired to sketch out a concept based on the lyrics.  

This is very much like the political illustrations i used to do back in the day.

example below 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jowy Fan stuff 19/8/14

I have been doing a lot of fan art as a way to refine my digital painting and improve on my compositions. I have watched a lot of anime this year so thats been a huge influence on my work and character design  .   

Jowy pony shenanigans 19/8/14 Buck con

This weekend I will be vendoring at Buck the UK's only Brony convention fort a second year in a row. I am most well known online for doing a lot of pony art. Specifically Title cards based on the episodes and will be selling prints of that series mostly along with A2 and A3 (limited addition) prints , postcards, phone cases, christmas cards badges and even original sketches.

looking forward to it. : )

samples of cards old and new

Monday, 18 August 2014 splash page and update

1000 years ago earth is wiped out by war of neutral bombs. At this time the Internet, as we know it was been updated and had began to think independently. Now 1000 years later the Internet has transformed in to a virtual reality where severs websites and programs of all kinds have become living breathing beings connecting together to from a thriving metropolis. Our two main protagonists CADRA the normal farm girl working in the code fields and Mutt her pet dragon suddenly embark on an epic quest to find the code that could bring down the controlling powers of the big bosses Google Apple and many others but what is this mysterious code you say?

this is the as of now plot for my ongoing graphic novel project called :)

edit ignore the link there is a website with the same name  :(

This has been in development for two years and due to my ever changing and improving art I have been on and off the project. I  have not advertised it online as much as i should have done. My dad is writing the entire story and i am illustrating it.=D

Now the other reason why has been sparse is because of this illustration right here folks. One of the many splash pages few have planed for the series .This has taken 8 months, and i do not mean eight months to draw (because I am really quick). But 8 months to plan sketch research and redo. I worked really hard to showcase as much about internet culture while referencing animation and gaming. ;P
obviously we are taking in to consideration copyright with the amount of websites that are going to characters in the story and the name of the series may change but it does fit the theme of story very well. we plan on having a mock up of issue one by the end of the year. After the convention this august I will posting more about the project so like everything else i do keep watching. project gallery:

until next post Laters

A fresh new Start with Fresh new illustrations

Hello it's Been a very long time since i posted. But I am back with a fresh mindset for the blog. From now on I am going to be posting anything that relates to my work wether its original or fanwork it all makes me who I am as a creative.

These are my newest juxtaposed digital paintings.

also i have two new online portfolio for you to check out.

until the next post Laters :)