Saturday, 13 April 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 13/4/13

one of the fastest Jowy doodles yet less then a minute to do

My heart has just not being in the right place last few weeks. Though I have done extremely well to catch up with my then ongoing paid jobs (that stay unnamed) outside the web, I have lost time and some penitence with my own ideas and work which has slowed my creativity done a little bit. And getting back in to cartoon,anime watching mode has not helped the matter either.

Its natural for any creative too feel this way especially when they’re gaining an audience and following for the projects they do. I get a little bit paranoid if I have not updated anything on the web after 3 days because it makes me look like I have a lazy attitude to my practise.

I feel I am returning to my senses and getting my mind back. To continue with the graphic novel projects and my illustrations.

Without any other long stupid delays lets begin with the updating..... is where i got my cards and business cards done very good service and prices 

The first thing you need to know is i have registered my sole trader name  so Jowybean is mine now and forever. I have got some new business cards printed and my greeting card series I plan to sell at my local woods have been finished. I got these done in the last two weeks as next week will be the big moment to advertise this project to the woods trust too see if they would want to use the cartoons as a marketing tool to attract new visitors.

Second important thing to note is I may be having an internship at an animation company in my city next month, which will be very beneficial and helpful in understanding my industry and its contributors

I am doing a few new paid jobs right now, which all link to my chosen fields of illustration and animation so everything is ago but I cannot talk about them, yet. graphic novel project

I have discussed in length with my writer (my Father) about what we must do and the first major step is to get an A3 scanner to make the task of editing and colouring easier then manually scanning in each section separately and getting bored. I know I have spoken about deadlines for projects before but I will work hard in my spare time to get pages done before August for the preview of the first comic.

Jowy comic development

The jowy comic is in a concept art development stage because I just want to be picky about details and characters in the story.

All other projects outside my blog can be found updated on my DA account I want to keep this blog limited to my professional work then fanart stuff though my brony art is giving me a lot of traction.

Until next Update which WILL be soon LATERS  ;)

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Jowys blog world is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dude

Man Why do i secretly get worked up over keeping my blog super updated its not like the megaliths from Stonehenge are going to be dropped on top of me if i do not update within a few days or hours i guess its the feeling of losing something or someone if i just leave it for long periods of time.

Anyway i will have a big update tomorrow seeing as i am too busy thinking right now to cerate one. 

Until tomorrow LATERS ;)