Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 18/7/12 part 2

Green hairs a thing for grandmas now 

oh boy i have being playing Parov Stelars Catgroove almost every minute so far today and form it i gots an idea THIS using traditional media for a change.

i was thinking of Andy Prices comic art as well its amazing stuff. ;)

until next post LATERS 

Jowy Shenanigans 18/7/12

All right we are back here again after a couple days away from posting anything I will be brunt with you all I have had a lazy mind in the recent weeks after leaving university. Found it hard to stay away from creative mode on Minecraft, fan art and YouTube channels fall under this category as well. I need to keep my mind and imagination active during this slow period until I find a suitable job linked some how to my practice. This is not rocket science I can do it but I have personally found out that I need to be really invested in my own ideas and characters to truly make them shine and sparkle. That’s why there’s not a lot of JOWY stuff on my DA account at the moment , which is quite sad honestly. But I call this a phase I am going though like in the early days when I started out on online.

 I sent off my CV to a local animation company this week they already responded back. They would keep in touch with me as they like my work, which is showing promise. Soapbox/rant aside lets get to the core of this post.

Another anonymous person (don’t want it mention names) came forward three days ago with a commission for a married couple Tony and Carla who are youth preachers in a church but they are moving on. The client wanted a portrait as token of thanks to them. They wanted it done digitally like I have done with all my recent illustration work and preaching was the most important element that needed be illustrated in it.

1st day

I had to gather photo references from their facebooks to make it as close to the couple as possible obviously duh no caricatures here.

OH BOYYYYY i could already tell i was going to fun with this commission before i started

2nd day

I still enjoy doing the value tonal thing its educating me a lot more on how light works in different directions. And how dark shadows can be depending on the light scoure, space and time.

I actually created a light source that would be coming from the back of the figures to give the illusion of a projector

Carla was surprisingly easy to capture tony gave me a few problems mostly because of the angle of his head and his mouth

The picture also had to show some of the youth of the church but as silhouettes.

Carla was surprisingly easy to capture tony gave me a few problems mostly because of the angle of his head and his mouth

Day 3

Showed it to my mom, as she knew these people gave me a citric about his hands and mellow expressionhe did look rather relaxed lol.  

My my we need to make you simile again 

"Will this trim suit you fine sir" 

One last visual was added and that was the name of a youth Christian camp/event called Ignite that the couple went to or promoted (not sure which)

Again with the overlaying of the colour and the brown suit and the blue curtains

The client unfortunately came back sooner then I expected but was very happy with the result as it was so there was no real reason to complain Tony and Carla loved it.

Sweet Another satisfied customer.


I don’t mean to make these blog posts long I just feel like I am leaning a lot more about my digital skills and observation from doing pieces like this hopefully I start doing some paid work very soon because pieces like this give me hope for my future even on the laziest of days

Any how until next Post Laters