Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Humanization.com project 6/1/15 update

If your new to this then heres the  story Synopsis of Humanization 

1000 years ago earth is wiped out by war of neutral bombs. At this time the Internet, as we know it was been updated and had began to think independently. Now 1000 years later the Internet has transformed in to a virtual reality where severs websites and programs of all kinds have become living breathing beings connecting together to from a thriving metropolis. Our two main protagonists CADRA the normal farm girl working in the code fields and Mutt her pet dragon suddenly embark on an epic quest to find the code that could bring down the controlling powers of the big bosses Google Apple and many others but what is this mysterious code you say? :P

This project is a collaboration between me and my father who is writing the script for the whole series. We are planing to have issue one printed around March time.
Keep an eye out for more Humanization.com.
Continuing the inking of the pages for issue one 

By the way forget the slightly blue mess on the right page I tried using an old tipp-ex I had not used in a long time to correct a mistake I made on page 11. 

Until next post LATERS ;)