Friday, 13 February 2015

Jowybean shenaggins 13/2/15

 I do not draw anything manga style that often mostly because it seems like everyone does it. But I would like to continue dabbing in the varied styles of the genre and find my own visual interpretation of it maybe not so much the style but context of the illustrations. Manga is one of those areas of art that I have grown fondly of since watching a lot of anime last year.

Trying out different colour experiments based on the types of anime art i have seen online. 

I gave the girl a hammer just so had something a little more visually interesting to work with. And the face in the background was going to another character sketch but I left it in.  


Other sketches 

Until next post LATERS :)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jowybean shenaggins 11/12/15

I occasionally play GTA 5] and every time I go back i find myself intrigue by the aesthetics of the world. How Los Santos differs from the countryside. How L.A landmarks and buildings are recreated to fit in to the city layout. How far you an see from the beach towards the Rockford Hills. the scale and detail is just so impressive :wow:. I have sent more then 2 hours of my game time just wondering around exploring rather then causing any chaos.  :)

Recently I came across an article talking about GTA 6’s possible locations these included Paris, London (which is confirmed by Rockstar that it will not appear in the franchise again), Hong Kong, Cairo and of course Tokyo.

All these places that I mentioned got my imagination stirring. But no surprise Tokyo was the one that gave me the inspiration :meow: and challenge to design a rather sketchy open world map of the said city. I tried to in vision how the in-game world would look like and used this as a starting point for shirking Tokyo to fit in to a sizeable open world space. then I took in to account well known and less known landmarks, parks and the diverse environments you would get in a metropolitan area.

I will point out that I am by no means an expert or know much about Tokyo or Japan :doh: (I want to change that). but after sketching this map I can at least say I feel more educated on how Tokyo functions at the size it is.

My hope is in the future that we will get a game set in a modern day Japanese city not necessary like GTA (Rockstar see it as an American franchise) and not even to the scale my map is. I have faith in developers that there will be more open world games that will be set in places that hardly ever get explored or shown.

until next post LATERS