Saturday, 30 July 2016

Jowybean shenanigans 28/7/16

These are some concept Digital paintings I made for two rivalling kingdoms within my fantasy universe I nickname  the Jowyverse for now ;). 

The Playland kingdom (left) and the Iron Metal kingdom (right). (Might change the name at some point ^^;

These to images took a lot longer then I expected because I wanted to get a certain atmosphere and tone down for each place , create a sense of 3D to both worlds.  

Now for some backstory :)

Playland Kingdom

A nation made of toys Music and juicy fruit theres "almost" never a dull moment here and the demeanor among the citizens is usually very jolly and upbeat. for centuries The kingdom has continued to speared imagination and happiness to the world by making products based on its heritage and culture . However despite its positive impact and innocent facade there are some areas that they wish to keep a secret from everyone.  


Iron Metal kingdom is home to an non organic race known as the Iron Spawn who once terrorised the world by trying to consume it. Over the decades this threat has dwindled in numbers and its cities once shrines to their power are all but gone, expect for one Guntopia. Guntopia is a gambling and crime paradise that sits under the mountains of weapons carried by pervious kings /Queens in to battle, They are seen as a sign of greatness for the evil kingdom and its the only notion of pride they have left. It is nicknamed  the Armageddon flower because It stands as a symbol of fear to the rest of the world. "One day we will rise and conquer all ,and we will start with the Playland kingdom . 

Not sure when Next i do a concept painting for another section of my world but I hope its soon Its very exciting to see ones fantasy World come to life through art.

WIP below 

Until next post Laters 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Jowybean shenanigans 28/7/16

Hey. So I have been going through a process of rebranding myself online recently and Also I have started up an Instagram go there if you want to check out more personal sketches WIP and what not, Honestly I am not sure what the future of this blog is going to be now that I i asm more active on other platforms where I promote my work and sketches on, how ever I will keep it going for a little longer.

today I decided to design a different version of my Jowy oc. 

This guy :)

essentially I have wanted to create a different persona that was more close to me in real life and I think I may have come up with the perfect design for it. 

Thank you to anybody who still follows this blog or checks it out from time to time. Your time is much appreciated. :) 

Until next Post Laters. =D

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Jowybean shenanigans 24/7/16

Listening to some of Phil Collins songs and did some speed painting to I Don't Care Anymore. Thinking of it as a music video, I know there already is one but I did this before I Knew that there was a MV for the song. 

Until next post laters. ;)

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Jowybean shenanigans 16/7/16

Ever since I made my Middle east 2050 project back in 2014 I have grown to like the idea of having a high tech mecha inspired world coexisting with our diverse cultures and life styles.

This is me returning to that theme but in South Africa, No plans to make more pieces like this, I still want to work on my anatomy and drawing realism before I attempt something big like Middle East 2050 again, 

But even with that said I am happy with the outcome of the image.

I love seeing life from another country I have no real experience of and I will even go out of my way to hunt for videos, photos even music of these unique towns /places so I can see the cultures for what they really are and not what mass media or entrainment tends to label them as, which are usually negative stereotypes. 

Wip below 

Until next post Laters