Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Update: its A pony full weekend 5/8/15

Well Its taken 5 months to prepare. butt from  this weekend from the 7th- to the 9th Bronycon 2015 in Baltimore is happening. I am going to be vendoring over there as one of the only international artists selling my popular MLP art work. (which is the first thing you will find if you type my name in to Google) 

I have a ton of exclusives I have made especially for the con. so if you happen to stumble upon this blog and your going this weekend please stop by my table, you will not be disappointed. :)  

the downside to this amazing opportunity is that all the preparation for Baltimore has eaten in to a lot of my personal time for my other art projects, some of them are fairly new but I will keep them in the dark for now. As soon as I have recovered from america I will get back on track with my more original work , I have plenty of new ideas that need to be turned in to a reality.

Joke sketch I did inspired by the anime Kill La Kill using the Cons pony mascots. 

Until I return with my next post Laters guys :)