Thursday, 4 October 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 4/10/12

Well here we be again folks updating time and quite a bit of stuff has happened since last post but for once I think I will save myself a soapbox for next time. Just know I have been using my time for productive things, despite the use of a faulty certain Wacom tablet.

 This weekend my sister is moving to York University and is leaving behind my family and home city Birmingham for three years. Obviously she will still come and visit us for Christmas and all that jazz but I felt I owed it to her to make her a special illustration before she leaves Saturday although I have to help her move as well.

Since i had no access to digital media i broke out my tonal pro markers for this i used my new skin tone set which I had not used yet. So today seemed like an appropriate time to try the suckers out.


Come on grab your friends =D 

I Added some subtle landmarks that are personal to her so she may
Remember our fair city better though i doubt she would forget anytime soon ^^;


I like the overall illustration feel it captures her enthusiastic attitude and elements that are a part of her unique identity and that simile ^^.

anyhow until next post with more words Laters ;)