Friday, 31 October 2014

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men Portraits project 31/10/14

Ever since I discovered the amazing artist Todd Schorr and his blend of cartoons and pulp art. I have wanted to render characters in to a semi realistic render like he does in his paintings. a lot of well known properties and characters have had this concept executed by a lot of talented artists =). But i felt that lesser known or forgotten shows do not get this treatment. I intend to change this with the new body of work I present to you for this months illustration project.

Maid Marin and her Merry Men

For those of you who do not know Maid Marian was a BBC kids tv series written and staring the great Tony Robinson (from Black Adder). It even got produced in to a colourful comic book with the wonderful cartoon work of Paul Cemmick (He is now an artist for our national SFX magazine). The premise was that Marian was the fearless leader rebelling against an angry King John and Sheriff of Nottingham (who Tony Robinson played). While the (quote) hero Robin Hood and the other merry men were kind of useless and weak yet Marian would tolerate their incompetence. Robin was a coward and cared more about his fashion then fighting.

The aim of these illustrations was to take Cemmicks character designs from the comic and translate them in to a more semi realistic style that represented the characters personality. Due to time constraints this month (mostly to do with Poycon Uk) I was only able to get four of the main cast done but I made sure that each portrait was up to a high standard I also used different light sources to make each individual stand out and look visually more interesting.

Sadly its hard to find the comics nowadays  but the TV show you can find on Youtube. :)

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jowy shenaggins 29/10/14

Been a good week or so since i did any OC drawings :P

Max is a strawberry jellybean with an obsession for technology computers and gaming he usually can be found with a head set on yelling at his monitor. Holinder is the type of character who has an OCD for technology and hordes a lot of it even if its pretty much junk.. His also a prankster and very snarky. Like Jowy he too goes to Left Hand High and lives in the same apartment. :)

here we get a good concept idea of Max (Bean) Holinder's cluttered machine filled bedroom. Jowy does not approve.

You can check out what information I have on my characters here ;)

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Jowy shenaggins 27/10/14 new month long illustration project almost done

Phew Coming to the end of another hard working month and my new Illustration project is almost done. 
Its not going to be as epic as my Middle East 2050 series but its still going to be done to a very high quality. 
It also would fit into the fan art category.
All will be relieved this Friday ;) 

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