Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jowybean Update 8/4/15

Good morning all
Its a much needed Update post 
 I have been keeping things secret for a while due to the amount of things I need to cover in this post 

Its no surprise that I have wanted to keep this blog as separate from my fan/brony art as much as possible and restrict it to personal work and projects. However recent events which are related to my freelance business have promoted me to mention the exciting news I am about to share with you. and its better I update this early rather then later. :) 

If you search my name Jowybean on google your bound to find my MLP/ pony titlecard art first. I Joined the fandom 4 years ago and have gained quite a following thanks to the amount of brony content I make almost each week since 2011. recently I have helped create an eight page comic for an artists collaboration charity project called Bound Together.

Example pages from my story which was also written by me but edited by the director of the project .

Because of my success online with MLP I have vendored at pony conventions here in the UK called Buck and Ponycon UK and from this made a good or decent profit each year, Which has inspired me to vendor at more cons in and outside not just pony cons). 

This year I am going international for vendoring iAugust 2015 in the USA at the mother of All pony cons Bronycon. essentially its like the Comic Con of the pony fandom). I am super excited about this opportunity not being to the US since 2005 for a family holiday to New York city.

The two ponies in the middle are the OC's i use to represent myself in the Brony fandom 

Now on to other updates not to do with MLP for those of you who are not aware is a comic project collaboration with my dad about the internet becoming a living reality . We have released the first issue on here and DA.We have started working on the second issue. We plan to have them printed to sell at various comic/geek conventions later on in the year. 

In the last few weeks I have been in the process of getting
an actual professional online portfolio/ website made that will be called Jowybean Studios or just Jowybean.This will be a platform to showcase my original and diverse bodies of work from storyboarding to commissions. 

On top of al this The website designer I am working with is part of an agency in Birmingham UK called Nubi. Which I have been asked to join as an illustrator. A lot of people connected or are friends with the agency have taken a fondness to my work and Will most likely give me some proper paid jobs that will counteract the fan commissions I get every month on DA. 

There are other sites I need to desperately update my content on like Red bubble Behance and Elance as well as finding new creative platforms  to continue to expose my unique art.

As you can see from the update its all ago

conclusion to update.

Since I have been accepted for Bronycon I have to now spend Marjortly of the next four months putting together prints and exclusives to sell at the convention. except for, this in turn is going to affect some of my personal projects I had planned As I really want this to be the best con experience I can get abroad, and If i put the hours in it will pay off. There will a lot of amazing creative professionals in the Brony Fandom at the con so I will get to rub shoulders with these people and potentially find more future work or make connections, this is is the plan. :)

This year so far has been a challenging balancing act of doing professional/personal and fan/MLP work But I am happy to say I can getting a good grasp on both areas of my practice and managing just fine. 

Anyway folks Until the next post LATERS

Monday, 6 April 2015

Jowybean update 6/4/15

Whoa its been a almost a week since i Last updated this blog. So much has happened in that time that I have not had the freedom to update about it sooner. 

I will update my current situation tomorrow for now enjoy some small sketches I managed to squeeze in last week. 

Until next post Laters