Saturday, 21 December 2013

2014 Plans and updates its Jowy Shenanigans for the 21/12/13

Christmas Is approaching ever faster guys: faint: and I tend to slow down a little to take it nice and easy before I get back in too my busy routine.  Last weekends journal was pointless if I am honest but enough about the past lets look forward to the future

Biggest Update of this month I have finished my job for the holidays. The boss has been very pleasant to work with and the skills I have gained in indesign and illustrator give my business more leeway in future work.. I am going to research In to other creative job or opportunity so when I have to leave the job I have another place to go
Its not going to be a cake walk and does mean spending a few hours looking online for paid work over the break but I am willing to sacrifice some of my much earned free time in order to achieve this goal and be generally more happy about professional working environments. 

There’s going to be a lot of planning before the New Year kicks in as well

The biggest things I want to aim for next year is to go to two or at least one of the big brony conventions in the U.S. EVERFREE OR BRONYCON (maybe even get to vendor there which would be awesome).

Other big goals on my list include expanding the jowbean brand with joining sites like WLF welovefine and working for IDW as I did do a comic cover that appeared in the art galley special of MLP two months ago. 

On top of this I want to return to my own projects that I have put on hiatus since BUCKcon this year. One being the ambitious graphic novel that my dads writing called and my Jowy web comic that is in collab with a friend not on DA. this means that this blog will get used much more next year if i keep to my word.

I am aiming very high for 2014 folks but I believe that with my unique diverse talent anything is possible now, even animation. Got to keep going up not down.

 have a very Merry Christmas and happy awesome new year

heres an amazing musical artist who,s getting me in to the festive mood =D


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