Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 24/9/13

Hey everybody in blog land I have been a busy bee with pony commissions popping up every few days since Buck. And its occupied a lot of my free time, then the whole GTA 5 thing happened last Tuesday and I was gone for two and half days with breaks in between of course its worth the money in my opinion Rockstar you have done it again.

now I am back with a reason to update not just to rant.

lame joke i know

I started livesteraming recently and I plan to do more in the coming weeks. My first experience was very positive , did not shut up for a whole three hours I love to talk sometimes folks if you know this blog you understand what I mean.

Last Wednesday i attended a small showcase event run by a company called Sweda to show my art to other potential clients and networks and as you can see the local press took an interest in my art and Brony stuff.   

I have applied for a possible full time job at a graphics and print company in Birmingham. Had my interview yesterday it went quite smoothly, despite my lack of commercial graphic design experience. The director seemed interested in using my artistic talents for some of his upcoming projects. If I get this job I will get some actual income.

In an ideal world I would love to make a living off my commissions and own illustration but I know the market constantly changes and you need to be realistic with your goals in today’s world folks.

I have fallen behind on illustration Friday’s submissions but I will make sure I get back on track with that.

Passion project Humanise.com graphic novel has stopped for a while but please still support and check out the project on my DA account we will return to it soon its not dead.

Ponies just on the brain

Until next Post LATERS ;)