Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Jowybean shenanigans 5/7/16

OK Not done this in a long while but last week I may have just come up with an interesting idea for a future show/ comic series.that is separate from my other cartoon world.

I initially just wanted to design some different maid designs with a armour look to them but when I drew the green maid I called Minti because of the green fresh looking colour . A whole new world opened up in my imagination, and here I am two days later with the idea you see before you in its current state.
Its a real encouragement to see me starting to take an interest in the characters and story then just making my character designs look visually stimulating, I do tend to think of character troupes/ stereotypes that exist and then juxtapose them with something completely different to give my art a personality thats individual to me as a artist ,and incorporates my many influences in the process.

The best way I can describe the tone of this series/ comic would be like if you mixed the zaniness of Excel Saga / Freakazoid with some of the serious story telling of Batman / Game of Thrones.
Thats a really weird way to describe the concept but thats how I see it as of right now. ^^;
Story/ Backstory
In an alternative world, Maids for centuries were known as the domestic servants that aided in keeping the dirt and filth out of ones home. However in the far future they are now more then just a service for the pubic to use or a symbol of sexy. They are a respected conglomerate of soldiers, celebrities, law enforcers and heroines acting under the universal name of M.K.O Maid Knights Order. Their duty as part of this order is to clean up the worlds worst metropolises that are riddled with alarming rates of crime.
One maid known as Minti is one of a few special maids that operates under her families premium cleaning service. This advantage gives her the freedom to enjoy her past time, Which is hunting down the cities biggest criminals and cleaning up their act for good ,and I mean that literally.
This type of Maid Knight is known as a House Rider, This is because in the outside world Minti and other House Riders are representing their Families and any actions they perform as a vigilante or employer could effect their reputation and the name of M.K.O. Although The M.K.O are all united as one, some are not against backstabbing or using greed to raise in their ranks. Minti should know this as many M.K.families are in constant competition with her and each other, eventually these silent tensions could boil over and create unforeseen chaos to the city and the world at large.

Obviously I do not plan to start working on this idea as intensely as my current projects. But I will keep it in mind as I see a lot of Fun to be had with this concept both story and art wise.

Until next post Laters ;)