Thursday, 16 July 2015

Jowy shenanigans 16/7/15

Back with more concept art for the jowyverse 

These are two speed paintings for the world of Cradle Earth and Sky Root City each represents a different time period and theme. 

Cradle Earth
A mysterious steampunk world that is unaffected by the influence of the modern era stuck in a more simpler time,. It is home to a massive population of punks who cause a lot of chaos for the rest of the nation.

It is spilt in too three massive land masses connected by the pillar that keeps the world together. Only way up to another level is by a special evaluator train that only few can afford to travel on.
The sky is blocked by giant paintings depicting the creation of the earth by the gods. Legend has it that at the top of the world is the gates to the worlds heart and the heavens.
Inspiration Steam Boy, pre raphaelite and renaissance art.
Sky Roots City is 
a modern high tech green city that is suspended above the sprawling urban metropolis below. Due to the multiple elevators and roads you have to take to get to the city centre It is a drivers worst nightmare.
Inspiration Japanese cities and culture, Mirrors edge.

below is the WIP and initial sketches I have on the two worlds. 

time taken for painting 6 hours

until next post LATERS :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Jowy shenanigans 12/7/15

Sketched this on my tablet after listening to Weens Mourning Glory. its certainly for me one of their best noise songs even if it makes no sense. 

Until next post Laters