Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016 the year for 6/1/16 comic project has been my ongoing  ambitious comic collab with my father. Here is a synopsis.

1000 years ago earth is wiped out by war of neutral bombs. At this time the Internet, as we know it was been updated and had began to think independently. Now 1000 years later the Internet has transformed in to a virtual reality where severs websites and programs of all kinds have become living breathing beings connecting together to from a thriving metropolis. Our two main protagonists CADRA the normal farm girl working in the code fields and Mutt her pet dragon suddenly embark on an epic quest to find the code that could bring down the controlling powers of the big bosses Google Apple and many others but what is this mysterious code you say?

splash from issue one 

We released the 99% proof copy of the first comic early last year and we recently have set up a small website where all new comers can learn about the story behind the project. see scans of the art ,discover the many easter egg/ references we put in the first comic. and even read the script for level 2  ,we like to call each issue level.  You can also buy the 99% proof copy of level 1 here.
grin emotico

I am currently working on level 2 so expect too see more scans like these ones below.
I want this year to be the year when becomes noticed by the comic book industry and helps define the name of Jowybean.   

Until next post Laters :)

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome to the Jowyverse 1/3/16

For 2016 I aim to explore as many places and characters that live within my big cartoon/imaginary world, I appropriately name the Jowyverse :roll: 

So welcome all :)

This sketchy map should give you a good idea of how obsessed I am with my fictional universe.

place: Eternal Forest.

nicknamed city Forest Eternal Forest is a strip of massive national parks with skyscraper sized trees that are spread across half of the world. it is home to some very old and mysterious monasteries and has a fair few peaceful towns and communities snuggled in between its giant foliage.

This is just one of the many quote "normal" locations in the jowyverse that I choose to start off with. Reason for this is because I want to get a lot better acquainted with designing natural environments ,especially when painting trees.

Wip below 

until next post LATERS :)