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Insane Humans, Jellybeans, Interdimensional Beings And Demons Oh And Furries Sigh Its All GOOD

For those of you who did not know or notice
I am a bit of a freak for drawing most of my work has usually consisted of generic cliché cartoon ideas as most of my early inspiration came from all the big names (you know Disney Warner bothers DreamWorks spumco the whole package). But essentially The British comics Dandy, Beano, and even the Buster andViz annuals had as much input in my work. Although my style is more in the league of the US western style (well it tries to be).
But I do pick and mix a lot as well. Although Manga + anime is not my strongest element nor something that stimulates me much in terms of creative energy I still can appreciate it and draw it on occasions.

Throughout my young life I have developed numerous characters and story lines ranging from everyday scenarios to backwater insane craziness with no plots or logic. I never found a unique cartoon to call my own well that’s not all entirely true.That Jelly man character is one of my earliest creations and if you saw my lost world video and intro to Max the bean video then you will know (and knowing is half the battle XD).

Anyway during the last three years I have introduced this awkward specimen of a human JOWY in my art (he could count as my second so called mascot) it has taken quite a while to get a solid idea down as there’s no such thing as an original story or adventure anymore but I think I may finally have a winner after months of think think think. Yay 

My ideas and concepts have matured a little since I did a short series of intros to my four main characters on my youtube channel. hopefully the links in the paragraphs above will clear up questions you may have (if anyone’s even remotely interested in my blog).

And if that’s not enough I throw in a free document to the whole 

Prologue to JOWY its more the characters that I try to make stand out then the actual tale of the cartoon.\

Story premises

The port basically follows the wild madcap adventures and daily trails of Jowy a generic modern day kid (you know movies comics food all the comforts of a modern society but there’s two twists to this cliché concept. One although he has a family he lives with an old friend of his in a tiny suburban bungalow (so he technically is a young bachelor (even though nether of them pay the rent). The second point is the cartoon is set in an alternative earth where not only is it humans that inhabit the planet but Anthropomorphic beings and inanimate objects with minds of their own (to put it simply anything in this universe can be a living thing). So as you can imagine this makes a normal day for jowy more thrilling and zany (unexpected if you will).   

Main Cast


Race: Human

Our main protagonist in the series before you get any ideas of his character being the slightly dimwitted dope thinks again. Although he is a bit light headed and cocky at times his all round ambitious kid with a big social group of friends and an even larger list of enemies. Adventuring and meddling seem to be in his blood as that’s what his favorite past time is.

Other facts
·      Jowy goes to left hand high school with a lot of his close friends and a quantities his a bit of rebel in class and can be picked on when there are no nerds at the present time. 

·      Hygiene is actually a strong element of jowys person. His very tidy but likes to get messy for cheap laughs (food fight anyone).

·      He shares a lot of common interests like most modern day kids
TV, movies, games, comics and celeb icons.

MAX Honda

Race: Jelly Beans 

Life long friend of Jowys Max has kindly allowed jowy to stay with him (although he charges no rent just food and TV time). Max is the more eccentric character having a huge obsession for gizmos and gadgets that are of no use to him in fact his bedroom is filled to the brink with tons of technology advances for every day tasks (works super with his 5 computers and lap tops). Apart from this addiction he is another levelheaded citizen that has a very sarcastic and funny sense of humor. Although lets say he speaks at the most inappropriate times to crack jokes and puns.

Other facts

·      Max goes to the same school as jowy’s although there is no clarification of his Age which is odd

·      Already know that Hondas got so many unwanted gizmos but did you know that he goes as far as the black market to purchase goods and products that are a illegal to be sold to middle class citizens. (He even has a highly dangerous military stink bomb stuffed in the back of his closet for safekeeping) nuts.

·      Not many people know this but Max also owns a private junkyard under his own house for what functions does this place serve nobody knows (expect him).


Race: pen Strokes

A Dinesen from another dimension who was banished to jowys planet cause of his lack of helpfulness to anyone. He had to adapt to earths climate by taking on the personality and elements of an animal he chose a dog and was rescued by a pet adoption store (nicknamed the limbless thin dog by staff) guess who adopted him Jowy.
Since then Line has enjoyed his new comfortable life as Jowys trusty pet although he has a hyper attitude which can be interpreting and demanding at times (plus wouldn’t you get quite a few stares from the public if you were him).

Other facts

·      Lines home world 2D is the alternate reality between jowys universe and the 3D dimension (they don’t get on very well lol).

·      Lines origins are inspired by that of the ugly ducking follows the same formula expect in his circumstances line was born to small which is partly the reason why he was given the boot.

·      Lines job if he were back with his kind is to keep the thin line of fabric space and time tightly together 

·      Lines favorite past times are fetching the paper than eating it licking and mucking around with his master.

Sammy Wolf

Race: purple Wolf

A native cushions to a long lost race of wolves Sammy tries to not let her animal instincts get in the way of her interaction with mankind. Although she is a very sophisticated intelligent tomboy with a love for punk and indie music. She hopes to make it big in the music industry one day with her unknown band. Sammy is another of jowys best friends and sort of his mother figure because she is assertive and wise but she can fall off the wagon at certain points.

Other facts

·      Sammy is one of the more wealthy kids in the neighborhood having a gothic mansion on a hill owned by her successful parents. 

·      Sammy has a small vendetta against the human race as they were responsible for the demise of her ancestor’s but that influence comes form her uncle Norris as well (another tale for another day).

·      In terms of her education she is a model student never letting the common riff raff of the other students spoil her chances of big success. Expect if its sports lessons or cafeteria fighting then it’s a different wolf altogether. 

Main Villains

Music Man
The manic usually has a goatee cause he could look too much like a recolour of Max Honda

Race: Jelly Bean

Once a hard working passionate composer of immense musical rubbish and disaster. No matter what he produced for the public no one could see any possible peritoneal in his work (even mediocre musicians gave him a thumbs down). Its no wonder the poor chap turned his hand to black magic and became an insane sociopath manic using his talent of music and magic against those who shorn his gifts. Revenge is what his plotting nowadays getting back at the world for dismissing his version and making way for airhead boy bands and rap artists.

Other facts

·      The music man lives in a grand Georgian mansion in the creepy underworld of Limbo where a lot of out laws and bad guys are sentenced for life to stay there expect the Music man.

·      The music man uses the power of sound as a weapon against his victims able to take apart entire scores and songs and turn them in to deadly instruments that are torture to ones ears.

·      A very big bookworm when not being evil there’s nothing this gentleman likes better than a good book usually novels and bios.(he has about 8 different libraries within his home).   

Dr Lamp shade

Race: Human

This guy looks like an overeaten comedic blob but do not be fooled by his build and physical stature his a madman and proud. But he never was that way (Even before the events that turned him in to what he is now). The man was a lazy fat ass slob that was wasting his life away doing nothing productive but drinking, eating and sleeping daily? Doctors warned him he had to change his lifestyle if he wanted to continue living. But he fell in to a depressive state and gave up all hope of saving his insufficient existence. Until a mysterious package arrived from his auntie entitled “a priceless family heirloom treasure it forever”. At first it looked like a standard traditional household lampshade until he discovered by accident its true purpose. It was a machine programmed and created to take control of ones mind and empty out its evil designs and influences on to the victim’s body. This of course lead the guy in to a career of underworld crime and villianlly making him the second most wanted criminal in the world today.

Other facts

·      What became of the lamp machine after it had fulfilled its job nothing. It lost all its pervious data of its past life and gained a new bleak extinicence as an empty vessel that made friends with Lampshade as well as being his loyal assistant.

·      Lamp shade is both academically and technically minded in terms of inventing he has managed to create entire armies and battle robots out of light fixtures and lamps (makes sense since the weirdo wears a light on his head)

·      Although he sounds treating some things have not changed his still a slob but full of evil and bad stuff now.

DR clock watch

Race: God and Supernatural creature

No ordinarily take over the world stereotypical supernatural villain oh no in fact this is not even his true from. He is in fact the universal god of evil that before the dawn of man plumaged the universe in to a could of darkness and gained incredible power and destruction. His rain of terror ended when the other gods and elders imprisoned his soul in a vessel that could keep him sealed away for millions of years so the worlds and galaxies could develop and grow in natural peace and harmony but this vessel known as Dr clock watch was not easily fooled by their plan. Vowing he would escape his jail and command the whole cosmos once again.

·      The good news is now he is imprisoned in this shell if you will he is a very weak creature (hardly end of the world stuff) but, as a crafty sorcerer he has many tricks up his selves so his not entirely unarmed yet.

·      Dr Clock watch will use any means of breaking free whether it involves  starting wars, corrupting the economy, destroying galaxies and making allies with races he will betrayal later (what a jerk). 

·      There’s one weakness to the shell of Clock watch the more darkness he collects the better chance he will have of freedom from his eternal coffin question now is how we he use all this evil energy.     

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