Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Move it

Hey fellow Bloggers and viewers I apologise for my absence but I have been committed to getting back on track with my other offline commissions and odd jobs this goes the same for university life in general. I promise myself to share and explore my creative practise to all you other budding character designers illustrators Artists blah blah you know. I will eventually when I get time out upload some of my Paris holiday photos and a couple of my recent promotional pieces.
I just started back 2 weeks ago and I am doing a brief on graphic novels, which is within my interest (even though I only started reading comics about a year ago.)  It’s challenging but fun I post my development work on my Ink Soup account check it out if you’re intrigued.

Today I thought I would upload my personal best recent sketches and ideas from the past few months at least and a completely new character with no narrative or prologue yet but it will come to me.

Points for anyone who guesses the three puppets like characters and the page this is parodying

I finally started a sketchbook to do with observation after 3 years in my educational life 

I am now less Bitchy and more clams about my drawing skills know ever since i started my visual commutations course.  

     Wacom tablet monkey design 

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