Friday, 14 January 2011

its all Slime not Mucus

Its been a couple of weeks since i last posted anything. reason why (if any one cares).
I have been real lazy with my status on all my online accounts  like DA Face book its a bad habit (Face book i hardy use BTW).
I also place the blame on to many stupid dang detractions with no  , see Jowy is the type of guy that once he watches or viewers something he finds fascinating or eye-catching he will get hooked on it. Either ranting or endorsing in it for countless hours. I can waste about 4 hours looking at pieces i did last week or even in the same day over and over again its kind of sad.

But i generally have been organizing my time better and focused on improving time management and the social life issue. I have a lot more possible opportunities and commissions to look forward too this year i pray they come into being and I become more motivated. 

Anyway i remember really liking the fluid designs of all the main cast and how stylized there body shapes were so having seen it again i did my own alternative quick designs inspired by the films characters used the colours and designs of their clothes to make it more accuarte  for whose who. 

BTW the reason the shadow man wannabe looks like a twisted extra for the Gypsy in hunch back of Notre dame. because he surprisingly was one of my favorite characters. I think it was the voice and overall skinny design of him. I gave him a sinister jolly jokey aspect too his design if you understand what I mean.

Well the start of the new year i watched the DVD of Disney’s Princess and the fog a second time and for some odd reason i gained a lot more visual inspiration from the second watch its a decent film good characters the pacing seems a bit too fast (but maybe that’s the second watch talk

As much as i would like to admit and shout out I am a Disney Freak and have a heavy dose their style within my own work, I have to disagree. Because In my spare time I have been discovering a devise spectrum of great independent studios and films not forgetting comic artists and character designers Katsuhiro Otomo I am looking at you ^^. This exploring phase challenged my honest opinion on what i thought made Disney magical in the first place and Enchatened just never did it for me even with the animated segments.
(Constricting myself here) after seeing Princess and the Frog it bought all the nostalgic love and memories of my apparition for the talented production staff the animators, character designers, and background designers they all made these stories come to life in some way shape or from you can not deny that. I have a real admiration for the awesome Tom Bancroft. He was the artist that got me exposed to the term character design in the first place so thanks Tom. ;)

Obviously the backdrops in the movie were inspirational 

I created the Bayou city concept not only from the film but after listening to a couple of instrumental scores that sound like southern country music and thought about what the climates would be like if a fully civilized city was built and spread out across the jungle and swamp environment’s that’s where I made these development drawings depicting different angles of the suburbs downtown and even stadium areas did this to find a realistic and present day look to how our urban neighborhood are structured and fitted together.
 drawing the urban landscapes has been a joy of mime since I was 9. 
I concentrate more on figures and the human body nowadays.

The other submissions are from last year and this month mostly a mixture of observation out in my town and skecthdumps the usaul package your garneted at least a sketchdump on this blog lol.

Until next blog hopefully more regular then it’s been 

is it a cute win or fail

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