Saturday, 1 October 2011

Update about time/Storyboard work

Hey guys and gals been a while since i posted up anything at all being a number of reasons. Mainly content just never was sure about the quality of my stuff or what to put up on here I am a perfectionist when it comes to art and cartoons you see.

I would in future like to make this blog much more sophisticated in its posts on work rather than random sketching and fan crazes cause you might as well go to my DA account for that.

A lot has happened in the past few months some good ,others that will not be breathed a word about and others that sadly slip my mind. But one major thing that has had a positive effect on my uni practice and skills is storyboard art. 

Just before summer i got in touch with an animation director named Steven Spencer founder of Nice Monster (used to be based in the Custard factory Birmingham now in London) who are best known for their CGI animated short BEST centered on the downfall of George Best and his family.

Steve originally bought me on board for a project that currently is still in production that i cannot mention for confidential reasons. 

And from there he gave me similar storyboarding jobs for his other film ideas and projects even doing a storyboard for a music video.

I am happy to say with his permission I am able to show you some of my latest storyboard work.

 It’s for the charity First Light and it’s a set of 10 films involving three characters a male director, cameraman and female producer. Each shorts premise is on the subject of film making essentials and rules. The shorts are going to be both educational and cartoony slapstick.

With Steve guidance and draft scripts I tried to compel storyboards that showed that comedic value and expression the cameraman i found was the best to draw because of his personality which you should be able to guess from the panels below. 

Storyboard for STROY BOARDING short
nice monster has an animatic of this film up on
the blog 

Storyboard for SOUND short

This storyboard i experimented to broaden the exaggerated expressions 
On the characters to give nice monster some challenges but 
To keep that comedy in them.    

Storyboard for EDITING short

Storyboard for DIRECTING short

can you now see why the cameraman is Entertaining
  to draw 

Storyboard for CAMERA short 

Storyboard for LIGHTING

Storyboard for DISTRIBUTION short

So this keeps you up to speed with the work outside of uni life I hope to have more posts up on here soon untill then..


Jowy ;)

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