Friday, 10 February 2012

Hey The 3rd year is here

Its been a good couple months since I posted anything on my blogs it’s a bad habit and this stuff is not rocket science. Anyhow I want to document my final uni project here from now on week by week or month depends on whether I feel the work is suitable to my intentions and worth discussing I am not sure how this will go but we will see.

Major project 2012 Week 2 review

So I have started my final major project returning to the cool world/Roger Rabbit concept where in the negotiated I intended to cerate a universe where animation and reality were juxtaposed but in my own unique twist and in a graphic novel format.

My proposal for this project is to produce a series of eye-catching illustrations that show this world I imagine and explore it in detail. There may be a running theme for the whole collection as the development of the visuals constantly counties.

 But for starters I wanted to focus on one of the weaker sides of my pervious brief my tonal contrast and values this was an issue that appeared in my sequential comics and I wanted to resume this issue this week.

I brought sets of grey pro marker pens that I had used in the negotiated and practised my tonal contrast looking at the same practitioners that personally I thought executed form and tone best.


Because this universe has so much packed in to it I had to resist temptation to incorporate all the ideas characters and references in to one image. Instead

I took a screenshot from one of my favourite time-lapse videos I liked and used it as a basis for the whole image where my influences in the animation would show and reference other media or cartoons.

This is the result I have at the moment looking at value in a fresh new way brings new possibilities to my visual language because I have used traditional methods of tonal contrast then relying on digital and its much more rewarding and closer to the my major influences the pens almost act like pigments because you can rework areas and darker them subtlety.

I know plan to finalize this image using better quality paper or just add a little bit more depth as I only used two pro markers for this experiment.

Until next weeks post when ever that happens laters ;)

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