Sunday, 18 March 2012

how delightful

Seeing as I have had some free time from my busy university schedule thought I would experiment with something I have not done in a long time animation. 

Ok now considering my pervious attempts at animation, which was awful, this is much more polished. 

Mind you this should really be called an animatic because I did do a couple of storyboard jobs last year (which I should post up on here eventually) I only say its animation because that's the effect I intend to create like this would be a pilot for an animated 2d cartoon or movie.

 this would be a childhood dream come true if I could achieve this 

Anyhow not to ramble on too long but the audio if people do not now is ripped from the soundtrack of the great ps2 game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus 
(A game that I wish had not died on me last year)

 The characters are my own recently redesigned on my DA account. The bean guy in the top hat is just named Music Man. Ironically Sir Raleigh the first level boss (and the audio you hear) insipid the design and creation of the Music Man (so its like a tribute as well lol) and yes he would have a stereotypical English accent because it would fit his physical appearance plus I need at least one British character amongst my other creations 

I have started to plan other shorts like this but maybe a little more ambitious and lots more action stay tuned even if this is a one off I think it does its job of making the dialog entertaining and giving me an idea how animated I would make my cartoons be. 

Until next post LATERS ;)


DA Account:


entire scene including rough background for atmosphere was done on photoshop CS3 using a wacom tablet. 

Audio used is copy righted to Sucker Punch Productions ripped from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus soundtrack by Ashif Hakik

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