Friday, 29 June 2012

Change is indeed good

Now I usually would restrict myself from putting up some of my early or just rough work because I have a perfectionist mind set when it comes to character design or cartoons. If the design looks out of proportion or just ugly depending on the subject I leave it alone for more than a while. Which is exactly what I did with this tablet doodle I started back in 2010 but it never was as cute as I wanted and the deer just irritated me every time I tried to redo him partly cause I was too lazy to look up anatomy and movement of the creatures back then.

I am a real sucker for this type of character design that’s partly reason why I am a Brony (le sigh).
I don’t hate most of these early designs as I should they have some nice quirky merit to them

 Now today after finishing my illustration Crouse in university and altering my style and media the doodle is much more closer to how I imagined it to look like.  Its not perfect but I think it archived what I set out to do two years ago (Cute and innocent).

 I am a real sucker for that type of design that’s partly why I am a Brony (le sigh).

Its crony but true when I say practice makes prefect and you will never get exactly what you envision if you do not put that extra work in which is something I have leaned throughout my years the hard way sometimes still do. ^^;

until next post LATERS ;)

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