Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 16/6/12

no idea what to call my new posts now so the above will do for now 

Hooray i can start posting up general drawing and fun stuff on here now. 

And since its fathers day tomorrow what better way then to show off the front of the card i have made for him as well as another small doodle i did for someone else who loves traveling a lot. 

 Humour ensues Obviously 

My Dads really in to PC RPG games or games of that type of genre and he enjoys fantasy in general so i designed him to be like a RPG character. Also I recently watched Game of thrones season one two weeks ago and it seemed appropriate to try out a genre of art i tend to avoid because there’s so much of it and plenty of talent for it.  

The joke with the Dwarf is an inside joke as my Dad is writing a really interesting novel that i think will push the clichés of fantasy and si-fi to new levels but i will not spoil it as it is his thunder not mine just enjoy the image.
 The Dwarfs pose looks like his smelling his stupid arm pits but its the thought that counts and i like the sketch as a whole.

'That’s a very nice sword you
Have there be ashamed if 
something were to happen to it' LOL

The original sketch for the idea

I have done a lot more digital drawing and painting on my Wacom tablet than traditional pieces so it seems special to give him something made handmade for once

Until next post LATERS ; )

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