Saturday, 23 June 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 23/6/12

been quite the last two days on this brief sorry. Here is the polished line art for the first competition illustration as it stands. most likely changes will happen now I am on to the next phase of the work.

I am using as I do all of my digital art Photoshop CS3 using my wacom tablet, which I greatly enjoy (great for sketching and junk)

Today I started the tonal stage i prefer this method because I can work out more clearly where the light and dark parts are. Going to try and apply very dramatic lighting and shading. I am thinking of a Todd Schorr finish to the whole thing (if you do not know who he is Google him please)

Its amazing how dynamic cartoons can look after a little bit of shadow?

This is all for now on this project until next update LATERS ; )

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