Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 11/7/12

My BAD I have left this blog unupdated (which is not even a word genius)
For a week or so. Lack of good content to be honest also I would even go far as to say just laziness really after those two days of solid sketching I ran out of steam and went back to less important matters.I started my long hunt for jobs at the job centre last week so everything’s a go shenanigans all leading up to the ultimate goal. Finding my appropriate start in the industry as a professional.

The good news is I have kept myself artistically busy this week with some commission work not paid. did it for a on friend on DA who wanted me to draw my interpretation on his ch aracters Pierre LeRoux and his family . I said in my DA description this “piece gave me an excuse to try out digital painting again” and that was my intention with this specific illustration a sort of Todd Schorr painted look.see DA submission.


Wow seems i learned something from those Perspective books finally it helped doing the disappearing point ..........sort of   

Its much more rewarding to me to start out doing tonal and value tests before I move on to colour . The Recent NHS competition I submitted to showed me how effective tone can be on its own.

I believe later on this year I will update my tablet and software as the painting and marks are not all that smooth and crisp the way I would like them they should be seamless blend together.

How did I get stuck doing this job again what did I bet on?….

Maybe a little too much light on that bowl : p


There you have it another successful blog post 

until next post LATERS ;)

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