Sunday, 16 September 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 16/9/12

I feel bad not updating regularly as I promise in almost all these blog posts. never make big promises you know you can not really commit too you will fall flat on your words or some jazz like that.

Anyway there’s not been much happening in terms of my own work that I felt I wanted to submit on the blog (recently its been mostly fan art request related to pass the time). My original art has started to build up interest from professionals and people outside the comfort zone of internet land. Which includes pay but I can not talk about that right now but it is very exciting.

Some close friends I am helping out, have shown some interest in my Jowy character and his developing world for sometime. Essentially they want to help me write up some material for him. because if by myself trying to justify the crazy universe of Jowy to you would be like trying to explain the sagas of Dragon ball Z in detail (I listened to an audio podcast on it it did not make it any easier for me to understand sadly). 

 These are the doodles and drawings I have done so far for Jowy. I hope to keep the momentum going with the jowyverse. I need to create some sort of character bible for these characters so I can better understand my long term goals for these ambitious ideas of mine. 

Never ever going to get old or let Down =D
    The city of RAMASVILLE where strolling down a alley is an adventure in itself
  Three worlds one universe this is going to be fun and enjoyable 

          man could i go for some Ranma 1/2 now 
Next best thing next to space ;) ;)

The others 

Until Next Post Laters ;)


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