Sunday, 14 October 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 14/10/12

It’s being a whole week of peace with out my sister since she moved on to her new life in as a university student in York. I have done at lot of drawing in the last few days and guess what its linked to yet more ideas for comics and things I want to make a reality. It all started after I saw one of my DA mates post up a pony version of twitter he called Chit Chat. I being the brony I am wanted to do my own interpretation of his design because I liked the idea already of ponifying existing things which makes ponies awesome 

But then as I went out for my daily afternoon walk that Tuesday I suddenly thought “wait a minute what if she was human and facebook was her mate that could take the identity of anyone”. “And Safari was a young annoying adventurer that harassed Twitter and Google was the dictator because he was so big and the city was made up of the web and…” that was it I was sold and did rough character designs to what my mind had originally pictured including lots of other sites.

Wow Flickr needs to take a chill pill seriously

i need to do more character turnaround sheets in the future 

Better then been rick rolled

I thought of making it an Ask blog at one point or a cartoon of some sort. I was in a pickle liked what I saw but had no idea where to turn or do with them I decided to show my dad the concepts and sketches I had put together so far and he said “a comic where we collab on writing and Art”.  

I prefer to have a female heroine for the story then male to challenge myself since i enjoy drawing cute girls 

Busy Busy is the nature of the interwebs folks

In the last three days I have been coming up with new character designs and background ideas while he has been formulating a plot reason and for the internet existing as a physical thing his explained in detail to me what he envisions but it’s a little too complicated to explain and I do not want to be here writing this post  for hours. Lets just say a lot of his geeky sifi knowledge will be implemented in to the comic.

Just today my Dad gave me the idea of Norton and MacAfee being the Law police of the web but their sort of like buddy cops drawn in a 1920s style   

This project seems very ambitious especially with my obsession for small details which could slow us down but i feel passionate about doing this and look forward to exploring the internet though doing this already gathering up website names and videos to use in the BGs    

Keep you updated on the process regularly  

until next Post LATERs ;) 

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