Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 8/11/12

Being a very bust week again so not much development on the comic I am afraid for reasons unexplanatory *cough* Minecraft. (And Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds is next Saturday). But i did get time to try out a little experiment i have been inspired to try after speaking with one of my old university mentors two days ago. 

Essentially i took a small article piece i thought sounded interesting enough to create a crazy illustration that would be semi related to the text just like with my final major project in uni where i took Shakespeare’s quotes and created visuals that juxtaposed a lot of fantasy and reality in them while keeping true to the original material link.

Its kind of obscure because there’s a lot of hidden jokes influences and the subject is not exactly described in the composition or scene. I sad it was just a test  i might start doing this more often to gain more outsider interest and increase my awareness of the current world around me.  

End this post with a little Andrew W.K  Get Ready to Die doodle .that would be the most gruesome fun circus EVER.   

Until next Post thing LATERS ; )

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