Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jowy new Shenanigans 10/1/13

Smart way to open a new post of the year i used to think i dressed up as my dad wearing a suit 

Hello again all I know is being while since I posted any decent sized blog updates I left this blog in the dark since November just before the comic convention up in Leeds after that I just ignored it. Now is a good time as any to explain to you what exactly is going on with me.

Just before the New Year i started keeping a dairy and sending out my résumé to many different job sites and potential clients so it keeps the job centre off my back and keeps me feeling productive. After finishing university last year I had started to realize the importance of keeping a schedule taking it in small chunks each day not swallowing the whole thing. Because in my experience my motivation is limited the next day if I do that.  So far this month I have being applying to a couple competitions, putting my work out on red bubble even making one of my designs in to a t-shirt and ordering it to see what the quality is like. 

Outside of general job and work hunting there are currently three personal projects that I have been doing to stop me dying of boredom. I believe I have mentioned northing about being a brony on here well I have being one since 2011 and done a fair share amount of pony art. But since November I have been designing 90s inspired title cards for the cartoon My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I have had a lot of watchers and views on my deviantart and meet some new awesome people over skype because of them . 

So I tend to spend my free time on this. I may post up some of them on this blog as I consider some of them illustrations in their own right and I have learned a bit more about digital painting from this work.

The Comic Humanised .Com my dear father and me started back in October
Was put on hiatus during Christmas. but now i start work on it in 2013 freshly minded hoping to get some completed pages before the end of the year and the next comic convention. We do have a rough script put together but I need to look over the development I had done for it so far to begin the flow of creativity again this is a very ambitious project me and my dad want to make a reality.

The furthest we got up to was the cast of characters their designs and a page layout 

My Character Jowy that has been my avatar since forever next to my bean character has had cartoon and comic ideas done before but never returned to. But before 2013 I have started developing some back stories and a universe that will incorporate Jowy and friends and feature all the fantasy worlds characters that I dreamed and imagined when I was young kid.
I have had an unbelievable amount of creative energy surrounding the many possibilities of this world of mine its essentially going to be a juxtaposing of everything I love about life mixed in to one universe. Like but from a personal viewpoint I have started posting development of on DA and want to make jowy a weekly thing if my patience does not wear thin with him again that happens a lot. But my imagination never slows down is like its consistently on drugs that stimulate my creativity.

Jowy World map as of now yep its a mad mad world 
i am filled with Joy!? 

So there you have it a long rambling blog post updating you on my situation regarding my art and what I am sending time on. I would love to talk about more stuff but I have spent about an hour and half writing this post and I am losing concentration plus my vocabulary is limited when I write better if you meet me in person. i will try this year to update on this blog more then once a month.

until next Post LATERS ;)     

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