Sunday, 19 January 2014

Great News for Jowybean 19/1/14

Hello all a lot has happened this month alone.

Today as i post this will be my Last day of proper freedom for a while because i have got a brand new full time job. 

I had to leave my current job as a graphic designer at this small graphics and signage company because i found out about this great opportunity to work for a silverware company that have been looking to employ an illustrator/art worker to help them create presentations for clients and create illustrations for the range of objects they make. I went for a chat /interview last Monday and my enthusiastic response to their company and desire to get a real job rather then stay online doing my brony commissions. Helped convince them i was the best person for the role.

I had a nice send off from my old boss on Tuesday with chocolates and a mlp toy wishing me luck in this new job i am about to start tomorrow morning at 8-5. Much longer hours and less breaks then the other job but that’s a sacrifice i am happy to make. I can still attend my annual brony meetups on Friday night so i am not losing out on my social life either. 

Naturally i am little nervous about the job hoping it does not get boring or stressful. But from what i saw from Mondays visit its  going to be very engaging and creative, cannot wait.

Content may be sparse on the blog for a while i will try and make updating the blog a regular thing so the hiatus between posts is not huge.

you can check out my DA where i submit a lot more stuff

 Right now I will enjoy the freedom I have for the rest of today

Until next Post LATERS ;)


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