Monday, 8 December 2014

Blinkers: A Whole New World 8/12/14


Blinkers, It started as a quick idea sketch on Friday just to practise my manga style a little. 

Fast forward to yesterday and I spent my weekend expanding this idea in to a possible manga /comic for the future. though Lets First creak on with the comic before we even attempt this ^^;.


Comedy/drama/fantasy,Supernatural/ Slice of Life/ body swapping

To give you an idea of what influenced this concept heres a few samples:)

Ranma 1/2 
(where a guy becomes the opposite Gender when he is splashed by cold water) , Songs from Mike Pattons Band Mr Bungle, Mafia culture, Caribbean islands, Little Nemo and The artist Todd Schorr (look him up and your see why I adore his Art)  


Ross is your typical 12 year old boy who lives on a group of fictional Hawaii/ Caribbean islands/. He works hard at school and sends a lot of time outside due to his parents being corporate business people and not making enough time for their son. He also has a phobia to pretty much anything scary from clowns to monsters.

One day Ross is at his computer and blinks his eyes, suddenly he finds himself in a whole new world and body, a young women’s body.  After naturally freaking out He soon learns that This world is an alternate reality to his where he is a girl called Rosemary and that he is a Blinker.

Blinkers are essentially a special race of human beings with the ability to travel through space and time and inhabit the body of a parallel universe version of themselves just by blinking/closing their eyes and reverting back to their normal bodies the same way. They come in all shapes, sizes and not all of them are human. There are no warnings for Blinkers to know when their powers awaken, once there becomes a reason for the blinking to exist then it will appear to them even if the reason is not clear to the person.

In this world Rosemary’s home is over run by a crime mafia syndicate of clowns, freaks, and monsters all out for power and trying to become the dominant spices of the islands .Rosemary is part of a special spy group called CAP (Capture, Assassinate, and Persecute) intent on taking out the the big bad’s in the 3 families and restoring order to the chaotic world.

Ross now has to try and continue to live his daily life in his world while (Mentally preparing himself) when he Blinks in to the body of Rosemary to fight off the corruption and evil that plagues the changed islands. But being a kid inside a girls body can he cope with the sociable female life, the tough missions of CAP, face his fears of scary things. And even bear to live and work with chain smoking foulmouthed Cole his alleged best friend in this world?.

although Ross believes his the only Blinker in this reality he is not alone. The islands and cities are over run by Blinkers some who come from his home town. The difficulty here is the enemies he is trying to take down in this universe could be his closet acquaintances or friends back home and vice versa .How does he know who is who?, only time and a lot of blinking will tell. ;)

If i never do go further with this I certainly will add this element in to

Until next post LATERS

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