Sunday, 3 January 2016

Welcome to the Jowyverse 1/3/16

For 2016 I aim to explore as many places and characters that live within my big cartoon/imaginary world, I appropriately name the Jowyverse :roll: 

So welcome all :)

This sketchy map should give you a good idea of how obsessed I am with my fictional universe.

place: Eternal Forest.

nicknamed city Forest Eternal Forest is a strip of massive national parks with skyscraper sized trees that are spread across half of the world. it is home to some very old and mysterious monasteries and has a fair few peaceful towns and communities snuggled in between its giant foliage.

This is just one of the many quote "normal" locations in the jowyverse that I choose to start off with. Reason for this is because I want to get a lot better acquainted with designing natural environments ,especially when painting trees.

Wip below 

until next post LATERS :)

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