Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Jowybean shenanigans 6/4/16

If you go through my recent posts You will notice I have got in to a habit of sketching illustration ideas inspired by different songs and music. 

Last month I came across this rare 90s rap album called Tricks Of The Shade by The Goats. 

I feel in love with not only the music and lyrics but the story of the characters Chicken Little and His baby Brother Hanger Head looking for their uncle Scam at his freak show. The voices they provided remind me so much of animated cartoons that instead of creating an illustration idea I decided to design the freaky brothers using the audio and concept of the album. 

Below I have included a sample of The albums interludes that feature the two characters . 

Honestly Tricks Of The Shade is a unique and fun experience that every rap fan needs to hear. =D  

Until next post LATERS :)

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