Thursday, 2 June 2016

Jowybean / comic update 2/6/16

Its been Needed in a good while but heres both an update on me and my project, Its all positive news as well. 

Humanization dot com comic update / Preview.
Get ready to get hyped guys cause as of today I have just finished inking in the last two pages of Humanization dot com issue/level 2. Its taken longer then it really should have to get to this stage but YES its finally done phew.

I must say I am very happy with the outcome of this both in art and story.
The last two things we have to do before I upload / print it. Is proof read the pages and edit the script.
I am going to take a few weeks off from this project to focus on my Nine World prints and other commissions. But rest assured I plan to get back in to the routine I had for issue 2 with issue 3 and hopefully get that finished even sooner then 2.
hope you are as excited as I am for this, its going to get a lot more interesting from here. And I am going to be spreading it around the web a lot more often so get used to that XD. 
read issue one  if you are curious about the comic or go to the website for more background and behind the scenes content. 
Next thing 

If you are familiar with my blog or work you may now that I have vendored at exclusively Brony fan conventions like Ponycon UK Bronycon and BUCK and its no surprise I  will be there again this year. 

However I do have another con I am  vendoring at and the best part is its not brony related at all .This con is called Nine Worlds and its on in London from the 12-14th august.

For the best part of may I have been working hard to produce some high quality art prints based on all manor of geek stuff to do with games, Movies, Animation, etc (maybe you can guess from these WIP snapshots what they are .
I still have a few more ideas in mind but these are the current print ideas I have almost finished. I will most likely keep the process of these updated on here as well as my other online profiles. This is a big opportunity for me to branch out in to the more mainstream side of geekdom And I want to put out the best work I can not just for my personal artistic development and craving for change but for the enjoyment of people and the fans who endeavor in this culture .  
Also this will be where I will be releasing the second  and first issue of my Humanization dot com comic.
If you are going to be going to Nine Worlds I look forward to meeting you there.

There are a few big projects I am currently involved in, but due to respecting my clients I can not say or mention anything about them sorry. But maybe in a couple of months I will be able to share them with you then.

The plans for the blog have changed some what I enjoy putting out my experimental music sketches and sketch dumps So I aim to upload something to do with that every week , if I can.

Obviously this may vary and will most likely not have a lot of consistency This entirely will depend on the amount of work and commissions I have on the go. I just started using People Per Hour and already have competed 3 jobs in the last four weeks  so I am going to be putting my focus on sites like that from now on.

Anyway Thats all I have to say for now .

To those who follow or stumble across this blog I hope you enjoy the work i post on here and it inspires you to create. 

Until next Post Laters. :)  

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