Friday, 27 August 2010

Need To Be a Father See

This Blog post I hope to show cases the unusual and historic 20th century visual language I use to generate a whole bunch of ideas sometimes for fun but mostly for growth and experience for my future career. 

Sadly due to copyright violation use there seems to be no video of the short on youtube                                               or other file sharing sites to my understanding.                   

Weakly Reporter (1944 supervised by Charles M jones and story by Michael Maltese) . was just one of my earliest Merrie melodies i watched strange how my first memory of loony tunes came from this cartoon spoof on the sacrifices made by those on the home front during World War ||. Any way i always respected this short you know why it gave me perseaure in knowing in those days how big household companies like Warner bros and Disney would make the best of a national crisis by poking fun at the mayor wars though out the 30s and 40s .

Duty calls first save the car 


never seen a horse before  XD

As an animation enthusiastic I liked Ben washams animation approach towards the characters they seemed very bendy and fixable with lots of emotion and life in their acting and speech of course most of the characters were stereotyped to fit the particular issue the cartoon would be targeting example the gangsters with the guns and the ambiance crew (then again remember I was born in the naughties decade so I may be talking gibberish)

One of the best LOL moments is the spoof on large-scale  robberies still occurring in the civilized populated areas during the WW2 years. This seems like a straightforward cliché scene two gangsters head to a jewelers boutique to what seems to obvious day light robbery. 

the proposed proprietor of the shop is counting out his money at the counter

 when the two men enter the shop armed. 

The caped mugger which is voiced by the God Mel blanc (I an sure its him) says...

                     "Okay buddy this is a stick up come on hand it over" 

what do they want its not the expensive Jewely
 nether the tills dosh they take the poor chaps alarm clock

 and make off at top speed in their getaway mobile.

Boy these criminals must really have a knack for getting up late for heists no wonder they got desperate   

As if taking something as basic as an alarm clock is really going to be the end your business unless the shop owner is a bad organizer. 

that was a WITW segment

 but this is just the sort of nonsense that made these classics so remeberable sure I watched a lot of the wacky funny shorts with the classic anthropomorphic icons Bugs,Daffy,Porky,WE coyote Sylvester bah blah you get the picture. Weakly reporter was just one of them cartoons that i could somehow connect too the past better with humans than animals.

           Their not prefect studies as i did this two months ago and tried to cram so much on
                                                                    to one piece of paper

Now none of you may now this but even I will go as far as doodling references from whatever program grabbed my attention and had me glued to the screen for a certain amount of time. Weakly Reporter just happened to be just that special short that I had to take references from. most of these doodles are of hands, thumbnail bodies and heads as character design is a big asset to my body of work I am ever so fussy and impatient when it comes to creating characters (let alone drawing body parts). Still I occasionally will do sheets and sheets of visual illustrations to shorts or shows I saw or watched. their mainly within western + eastern animation but comics and still life are available extras.

When I did this sketch I tried combining elements of the characters from the short in with my personal style of cartoons though I like to varirly (i really do not care for the babies head) sigh

And what better way then to mix both the Merrie melodies short I admire a lot with a personal hobby of mine to create this spoof sketch on adoption inspired by the clock robbers scene in the cartoon (see connections materializing before you).

Long story short this man wants a son so bad that he goes to lengths of robbing him from an innocent young volunteer. TBH I am not sure if I intentioned this to be generic or just gives the viewer the assumption that this is set in the early 40s with the clothes and whatnot . Come to think of it (although it sounds stupid) I would not be sure if this joke turned out to be a real back than if so please somebody tell me so I am not making up stories to impress you.

I will clean up this rough sketch later on a dab of color some inking a proper backdrop instead of an empty void with a desk and cash register would be nice thanks. 

I would like to make a monthly post like this again as there is so much more to me then meets the eye laters.


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