Friday, 27 August 2010


Like most of us cartoonists we never know what sort of crazy insane bubby, cringe, worthily, disburdening, ironic evil  creations or toons we will come out with next to please and amuse our public. 

This is a phase I predictably go though constantly. Mainly this has been happening since 2006 just before I left high school. This was the period when me and cartoons really became to build an on off relationship as most of my early designs were either gothic retro cute Lolita junk like...

 or unoriginal tedious absurd cheap shows like

I did too many of these but its alright I just laugh like a common villain and watch them burn Bwa HA HA HA (okay I do not go that far)

 I had many characters that had a buzz when I drew them always gave that little old light bulb more juice something that would make my audience go whoa that’s new or LOL or even WTH and your looking at one of these LOLs now well the updated version of the five main characters now this is purely for viewing pleasure as I have no plot no character development or a setting just five distinguishing colorful beings all with odd names expect Roy based off young kids toys all relativity recognizable products  (I guess the world they would live in would be petty much the same).  Honestly I would like some sort of story to spontaneously appear inside my mind it would be ashamed and a waste to donate them to the lost and failed section. 

           Here i thought i might as well show the early 2008 piece i did of the gang 

Okay OKAY l lied there was one extra character added to the group but i forgot to draw him ok SUE me 

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