Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Jowy Shenanigans 29/8/12

Again with the late updates. There’s been quite a bit happening to me in the last few weeks meet a lot of new people over Skype who are collaborating on a film but i want to keep it under warps for now since it is a fan project but still worth it I am lead art director on the project now so that’s a thing.

I always feel tried after writing out long descriptions or paragraphs about recent shenanigans. so i cheated for this post and copy pasted the YouTube description because it sums up this video perfectly

Coming out with new material is hard sometimes when posting 

Brief history about this particular video. Visuals by Sound is a series I have done on and off in the last three years (I did a lot more videos in 2011) .The general goal of these videos was too show my creative process of thinking and drawing when I have music playing and what wonderful and surreal worlds materialize form these said songs.

I always have loved a good old cartoon title card intro like Mucha Lucha or Ren and Stimpy, not forgetting ending credit sequences with art and characters in the background. Put these elements together with my screenflow recording of my latest illustration in development and you got yourself an interesting experiment of two different things.That's what I think personally at least.

Unfortunately I only got two separate recordings form this illustration so the final outcome is a little more polished then the footage I have archived.

I want to eventually finish this illustration off in my spare time which i have a lot of.

anyhow Until next post LATERS ;)

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