Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 16/1/13 comic project updates

Today was a very proactive day with the comic and other shenanigans. Although it looks like a bunch of rough pencil sketches that are slightly smudged sadly because I lean on my sketchbook a lot. These are here to establish the main characters designs and poses in the comic before I move on to layouts or anything else.

FACT What’s been decided for the story? 
  • ·      Our lead protagonist will be the young female framer to break the cliché of the male hero. (I just want to draw a female hero is the real reason O.K) 
  • ·      She will need to rescue someone in the story. A prince who’s the damsel in distress as of now. He may get more character development later on. 
  • ·      There will be at least four other characters that will join the girl and aid her in her quest each with a unique personality. 
  • ·      The universe this epic will take place in will be the city of the Internet so almost everything about it will get referenced in the background or by words. Think of roger rabbit  but its over 9000 yeah those jokes may be in there too.

 I am going to try and persuade my dad who’s the writer of the comic to put up the script this week so you can get a better understanding of the story.  I would like to get as many people interested in this project as soon as possible. I am thinking of putting up a promo piece on my DA account this week as well.

thats the update on the comic right now more to come just you wait. 

I thought my last post was kind of small considering pervious ones . I decided to share some of my rough sketches I did before and after the new year enjoy.  

Have Faith for this year will be good 
Ponies can go with anything even Aphex Twin lol


My university note pads were really in fashion for sketching last year. =D
 But i have a ton of sketchbooks why choose these i hear myself asking?

this was Inspired after seeing the new History documentary series on BBC Four. Lost kingdoms of south America. Extremely fascinating don’t ask me what this sketch is about go watch the dang thing right now 

I was trying to channel the style of Al Williamson because i was looking at a book earlier full of sketches he had done.

Until we meet again folks


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