Saturday, 19 January 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 19/1/13

Not much of a huge update on the comic project. But here is a sample of the promo I am putting together for DA which Is been drawn digitally it is of the famer girl and her pet dragon who will be the protagonists throughout the adventure.

I am trying to get it done ASAP because my schedule for next week will be rather packed I believe. At the same time I want to continue development on my other projects including the pony title cards.

Oh Rats There’s one other project I have forgotten to mention.

After been out of work for so long like 7 months and going back and froth with the job centre and sites. I figured for the New Year it was about time to try a different approach to getting recognised for my talent. So I looked at visual ways to promote the local Warley woods trust and its members because they do so much for this tiny bit of greenly situated in a predominantly urban and built up area. They do nature walks, bat hunting, golfing (partly because there’s a golf Crouse) and music festivals. Every time I go to Warley woods I am filled with that warm feeling of nature and community it has drawn people together over the years so it’s a very special place and haven to everyone in the region.

Then it hit me like an apple from Newton’s tree. “I need to design some
cartoons /illustrations that could sell the services the woods run and present it in a positive light”.

That’s exactly what I did and have done for the last week and a half on top of other things.

My original idea style wise was to juxtapose reality with fantasy like my influence Todd Schorr. The above sketch is to illustrate in a cute funny way families adopting trees from the woods for protection

Watching you birds Shower

              During development of the above sketches that i planed on inking in detail. Someone suggested my iconic bean characters because they are expressive and universal so they could appeal to everyone without insulting or stereotyping. 

I was not sure about this suggestion at first because i find my Beanies to be a cop out nowadays. An excuse not to improve on things i cannot design or draw that well and need more practice in.

I need to draw more animals this year

But after inking in these two bean related illustrations advertising the dog walking and bat hunting my mind set completely changed. I now can see promise in these characters as cards or cartoons for visitors to pick up as a reminder of the fun time they had in the woods.

I started another one today but not moved on to colour yet.

Once I have these illustrations finalized I am sending them off to the trust to get their feedback on whether my work or art could help in branding the woods to the public better.

Disappointed that there’s been a lack of jowy related drawing last week but I am taking each day as it comes not rushing or forcing anything.

Maybe do some tonight  ^ ^ ;

Until next Post LATERS Folks ; )

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