Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 26/2/13

After my 22nd birthday i got a sudden love for reading and watching anime and manga again. It was after I read volume one of a manga called Peepo Choo by Felipe Smiths on Sunday night. Such an interesting story that hooked me near the end and has a colourful cast of characters even if half them look dickarish and are.

Sorry I would have posted a proper update yesterday but I had to recover (and I use that term very loosely) from my birthday over the weekend and I had some shenanigans to attend to as well stuff that I fear I will fall asleep telling you.

I had herd of Gun Smiths Cats (thats what this character is supposed to be inspired by) the anime then i watched it and in my opinion its passable the manga looks a lot more fun and deep though the theme song is really jazzy and i like it. 
I now started formulating a tiny list of other series I would like to check out.
See if I could become a bigger anime fan then I am now (that most likely will not happen considering my time spent on all these individual artist projects.

 Speaking of which…

10 yearIcth website banners  Elance job

The company asked to too do some more art for the site as part of their rebranding this time it was for a questions page. The brief was similar to my pervious illustrations with the series. Colourful and straight to the point.

eyes were a little derpy but i fixed that 

I have been doing some paid work with some other people and contacts I know but these projects are still in development so no information about it as now just adding some more filler for the post.

Sadly there’s not being any process with the developing comic Humanise.com. Because of everything else I have had to consternate on. I will try with all my power and energy to get something out this week at least so I can keep a coincident update record on the blog.

i hate slaking off like i used to do on this blog

perspective on guns are tricky sometimes when your justing doing rather then thinking  DOH

anyway i am going to go and watch some more crazy animations and movies now

 Until next post laters ;)

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