Sunday, 3 March 2013

Some Jowy Shenanigans 3/3/13

Oh boy I have had my head in the gunsmiths manga that I started reading four days ago that I have not done as much work as I wanted too but I managed to at least do some more drawings of my characters today to make up for lost time.

I did some more development of the comic yesterday starting on the page layouts. Then sent the rest of the day reading some more of Kenichi Sonodas Gunsmith cats because its that good and engaging in my opinion. I would say it’s got a similar cinematic quality of story telling to Katshurio Otmos Akira but a little more cute and funny.

Sonodas also a big gun and car fan so there’s lots of really cool drawings and poses for these two objects in the manga as well.

Manga can do this to me when I get super invested in the story and visuals sorry if that’s not much of an update but its new week and a new mind.

anyway until a better post LATERS ; )

I went GunSmith CRAZY last week 


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