Monday, 18 March 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 18/3/13

Your Drawing Sucks
i only discovered youtuber Jacksfilms your grammar sucks yesterday night but it was too funny not to parody.

Hey guess what ... its Monday night and I am feeling good so much so that i wanted to bring you all up to speed on what is going on.

Right now most of my projects are all under control and going at a nice steady pace for me to plan ahead and keep focused on certain important tasks. Still looking at going down the self-employed avenue and taking courses that specialize in this area of work. The daily hunt for jobs has paid off as well with many different people interested in using my skills for their work. I need to ask my newest client if it’s all right for me to post up the development for his project I am currently helping on.  No spoilers but I will say for now is it’s a bit more challenging then what I usually have done but its not an impossible thing.

Lets dive in to tonight’s updates then

Two weeks ago I thought to myself I need to start archiving or referencing media and shenanigans I see in a week because its very frustrating if you forget a funny joke or artist you randomly came across and I always want to be about the random and referencing so I started doing illustrations combining these memories with my wacky roger rabbit Todd schorr inspired world of juxtaposition.

I would have done one last Friday but I had my graduation ceremony.

10YearItch travel site banner illustration job

Since last update I have been designing more colourful banners for them because these banners are being used for very specific subjects that I could not really illustrate the client decided on a similar design to the first illustration where it showed off the icons of architecture in India and its wildlife.

Drawing buildings with that amount of detail and shapes is very difficult to get right. 

I got the two pieces done in the spam of 4 days even though I extended the time frame because I thought I would become super involved in my own personal goals.

Jowy comic development

I want to make a bio page for the characters in the story but first i need some good illustrations to show off their personality best. 

A while back I had hinted at this possible jowy comic that me and my musical friend Cameron are creating but never did any more development of it until today. I decided to redo my surviving thumbnails as bigger cleaner drafts of the final product .
 Thinking of making it a web comic series as it would be less time consuming then inking it in on paper more practical with a tablet.   

Humanise.Com comic  and Warley Woods trust cartoons will have their own update later this week.

Random doodles to extend the life of this post 

hmmm i wonder what i have been reading AGAIN XD

until next update post LATERS ;)

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