Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 28/3/13

Hmmm...My last update was on the 18th and today is the 28th this is posted how’s that for a coincidence.

I felt lazy with the blog last week but I had good sound reasons for this. One being I was sick mostly.

Two I got accepted on a scheme called BSEEN Its a 6 month Crouse in the fundamentals of business run by my old university. I went along to the first two meetings last weekend and it was not only insightful and helpful but also encouraging because I meet a lot of potential new clients and contacts that could give me jobs to help my freelance career.

Some sketchpad doodles i did during the BSEEN workshop breaks.

I continued my new Friday series of illustrations that reference videos and jokes from surfing the web and real life in the week.

Tried to be a little more inventive by looking at an interior I would like to make this a weekly thing because I have found doing these pen illustrations to reignite my passion for my craft when I start to lose that momentum to draw.

List of some of the References mostly animation related

The TV monitor with the scrunched up face is reference to talented youtuber Jacksflims Your Grammar Sucks series . A hilarious look at the bad comments the web comes out with he even sings and raps in some of them.

The three characters in the middle next to the anthro lion women are references to two cute Russian cartoons I found on YouTube the week before

(I may have gotten the translation wrong I do apologize if I did Russians)

The butter sword my be familiar to fans of youtuber and awsome minecrafter skydoesminecraft lol

And finally the weird looking character in the bottom right is a reference to a Brother Mcleod animated short called Isle of Spagg

They are one of my favourite independent animation studios they do a lot of weird animation but its bound to catch your eye with its bizarreness . 

More like

No updates for the comic sadly I need to get a bigger scanner because I have started drawing in bigger drawing pads and I would rather not use my kodak camera to capture the development of the rough pencils. I need to discuss the story with my writer (dad) as well before we move on with the project no use just rushing in to it for the sake of it.

There has been a lot of character development and world building done for my Jowy character and other ocs that will link to the recent news about a Jowy Web comic being made that my friend Cameron and I are working on in between our important jobs.

The best and easiest way to describe the concept for Super Cream Pie Robot Space Pirate Guy is if you mashed up Darkwing Duck, Freakazoid, Hong Kong Phooey and the anime Ranma 1/2 in to one crazy cartoon.

Since the start of this year I have wanted to send more time developing my OCS and their world. Since its consistently evolving in my mind to new exciting wacky concepts that are defining my unique sense of humor and cartooning everyday.

I imagine my world right now as being like a Tiny Toons and the Animaniacs cartoon where there is a huge cast of interesting characters who all exist in the same universe/environment but have their own separate stories and adventures. That’s the format I am basing my Jowy characters around and it seems to be working for what I have planed for each of them. Ramsusville is the city most of my main characters will come from

Fact time

SCPs special weapon is custard pies and he wears under wear under his nappy because he has some ounce of dignity.

Prince Odd Ball: is the loyal friend to SCP and his weapon is clockwork monkeys that drop bouncy bombs. 

Eugene: rhino/raccoon hybrid is a smart individual and communicates by signs as a humorous reference to the panda in Ranma ½ he tends to get his master out of trouble as well (Hong Kong Phooey style) 

Scales and Jenny Frost: are two elemental girls that conflict with each other all the time and SCP has full responsibility of them as their uncle.

The toast kingdom is a fairly new idea I came up with just to make my world that much more weirder folks. Its Inspired by the ancient Egyptians and knaaren from Rayman 3 .

The as of now unnamed Queen of the Toast Kingdom  is a powerful monarch and dictator but she is madly in love with the king and listens to his advice even if he is just an old jam jar.

Wow this update was not as long winded as I thought it was going to be 

i have other thing to talk about but i need to ask some of my clients if its ok with them to make these public. 

Well i am glad i was able to update you once again. i am going to go off now and watch some more of Bioshock Infinite playthroughs because that game from a visual and writing perspective is interesting  until next post  folks LATERS ; )

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