Monday, 17 June 2013 update 17/6/13

 Hello all I have decided from now on to spilt each project I do as a separate post so it does not get confusing and boring for me to write

we have a new logo

There have been many great strides made in the development of me and my dad’s ambitious graphic novel/ comic series (name may change).

We have written the full script for issue one and as you can see when you scroll down the page some actual finished pages. The Writer (Dad) has worked on issue threes story it’s getting very exciting. I am still not quite sure how many volumes or issues there will be for the first arc. That’s right there’s going to be multiple character arcs in the overall series. The good thing about coming away from development of H.C for a while was that with the collaboration powers of me and my dad (writer) we could throw out character and joke ideas to put in to the finished product so we can reach as many diverse internet groups out there.

I am no Internet expert but that’s the reason why I want to make this comic a success. Test both my visual and knowledge of a thing that makes my life so much easier and I sadly could not live without it.

 third promo idea I put together today. I did some research in to the Internets history so you get educated while you look at the art for free as well. I know there are lot more founders of the Internet I just picked the three that looked the most important. 

We have a plot symbios to get your taste buds watering a little.

1000 years ago earth is wiped out by war of neutral bombs. At this time the Internet, as we know it was been updated and had began to think independently. Now 1000 years later the Internet has transformed in to a virtual reality where severs websites and programs of all kinds have become living breathing beings connecting together to from a thriving metropolis. Our two main protagonists CADRA the normal farm girl working in the code fields and Mutt her pet dragon suddenly embark on an epic quest to find the code that could bring down the controlling powers of the big bosses Google Apple and many others. But what is this mysterious code?

Engaged yet..... I hope.... this should give you a better grasp on the story and universe we are building here

now heres some inked in pages and character designs to show you whats happened since last updated. 

These two are actually pages that appear later on in issue one reason i have skipped ahead is the first four pages are going to big in your face splash pages detailing the world you are about to enter and i just want to cram as much in these pages as the start of the story will take pace in a rather mundane environment and will focus more on characters then wow look at that detail. 

part one of my nightmare begins lol

The original thumbnails i did for this page from last year before the craziness began. We are spreading the action scenes over a few pages then squashing it in to a small format

Character Designs

our main cast decided as of now (more to add and design). Cadra and Mutt are the main characters we are focusing on in the story

These three have popped up in my sketchbook for H.COM time and time again the alien Han Solo dressed character is called  Kono 

fairly new idea about Carda traveling with a group of interesting characters with their own unique back story 

there you go this update should give you all the information you need to know about H.COM so far.
you can go to my DA account to see bigger scans of the inked in pages 

until next Post LATERS :) 

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