Wednesday, 26 June 2013 comic project update 26/6/13

Been able to get a couple more pages inked in and started work on the biggest eye candy of the first issue the giant double-paged spread introducing the viewers to the world of the Internet my style. is an Epically ambitious comic/graphic novel of mine that is been written by my dad. and drawn by me 

 If you like what you see head over to my DA account to see more development of the series  and bigger scans of finished inked pages.    

possibly The monster of all splash pages and illustrations i may ever have done.

The aim of the page is to cram as much internet culture , memes and general wackiness to establish the galaxy sized city of the web after million years when the story is set. My laptop is currently filled with screenshots and names of websites i came across from all spectrums of the World Wide Web. 

page 8

the birds eye angle of the house was the most challenging aspect to this page.
lots of action to get you in to the story early  

penciling of page 9

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