Thursday, 11 July 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 11/7/13

 General commissions and art I have forgotten to post up on my blog from the last few months sorry I am lazy and forgetful sometimes.

Yesterday was like any other normal productive day for Jowy. The penciling for the next page of is almost done  and will be uploaded on here soon. I am also applying to a couple of art competitions this month to expose my work to the public and hopefully gain recognition with my quirky art style.

Recently I have been listening to a wide range of music while working on things. For me the band called Mr. Bungle has stood out from the bands I have listened to, with their crazy experimental Avant-garde funk metal jazz sound  , which is, and unlike anything I have ever herd before . The last studio album they released called California  has this one song on it that i would not stop playing yesterday called Sweet Charity its got an Hawaiian eerie tone to it. The title of the song intrigued me and after listening to it a couple more of times. In my quirky juxtapose style I choose to digitally illustrate it based purely on the title not the content of the song.

Its not finished yet This is just how far I got with it I just want to archive my process of my work from now on for you guys.

Check out Mr. bungle folks they are worth a listen to even if their music in the early days was unstructured and fusions of weird.


Recently I have wanted to study more from the real world in order to achieve this effect  and decided today to do some value studies of two screenshots from two of my time-lapse travel videos. I wanted to see which elements I take time on and which ones I skip when studying from an existing reference  (how close I can get to the real thing).

The boy with the stick is from one of the first videos I found within this weird genre of film and I find myself rewatching it almost every month its such an interesting look at a cities population I had no idea existed I believe its in the Caribbean.

I am not looking for an accurate photo realistic portrayal just a close enough interpretation of the light and tones in the images. :thumbsup:

I have a recording of these studies been done on my YouTube channel so you can see the whole thing from start to finish with some music in the BG  

Clapping is contagious according to scientists in a recent article I read two days ago decided in my spare time to sketch out an idea for an illustration describing the article with my quirky diverse style obviously.


A couple approached me a while back to create a card design depicting them as Lois Lane and superman in a 60s inspired style hence the Roy Roy Lichtenstein dots and some what dramatic worms eye view the caption had to be included in with the old school comic style

how did i get there

Logo design for a new craft business the client wanted a female dragon with  a lot of colour and a real look of feminine about the character it also had to warp around the company's title i choose the font.

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