Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What have i got to lose: new update 20/8/13

Hello all it’s been a while since i last updated. Ok it was three or four weeks ago but I feel as a creative there should be a coincident flow of blog updates, that’s why ASK tumblrs become so popular because the content creators keeps updating daily. I feel for myself this year after graduation is still about discovering who i am as a new freelance illustrator within the industry. So far I have done work experience within small animation studios as a storyboard/layout artist and accepted different commissions from small businesses to big companies. 
All good bronies need an OC pony mine is Jelly Holinder her design is inspired by a mix of my logo and Rally Vincent from the Gunsmith Cats manga.

And now i am going to be trying my hand or hoof in this case as a vendor at Buck the biggest European brony con apparently, starting this Friday. I cannot hide the fact i am a huge MLP Friendship is magic fan. When you type in Jowybean in to your web browser you will be bombarded by my brony art straight away before any of my other art. The reason I have become well known in the pony fandom and why I want to attend this ponycon. Is because of my 90s inspired cartoon title cards. Each has a unique design to fit that theme or tone of the said episode.
Here are examples of the title cards 

BUCK con is a huge step for me since it will be my first con where it is not a day trip like Thought bubble in Leeds last year. I will have the responsibility of the shared table in the vendor hall. Manage the money and sale of my prints. And finally the baggage I will have to carry around Manchester where BUCk is going to be.  
It’s all completely alien to me this whole thing but if I do not try it then i will never know what I missed out on
If I make bank and sell everything out then I will not be surprised if I aim for a bigger pony con IN THE US next year. If not then I can easily learn from this and apply it to another avenue I might try.
I am not giving up on my Humanise.com comic or my crazy world of Jowy illustration before any of you ask. I just need to focus my mind on this event so it can run as smoothly as possible and make the most out of it.
  Besides its not just about the business side of BUCK it’s also about the fun for me.
I enjoy the freedom and creative juices the brony fandom gives me and I want to share that with other fans .

check out my brony art and all other jazz at my Deviantart 

May not look like much but its my entire stock and stuff i am taking up to the con

    Until next Post Laters and wish me luck at BUCK

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